Great Deals on Mid-Winter Travel Must Haves

The lack of sun in winter never used to bother me but the older I get, the more it weighs on me. By late December, I’m so sick of grey skies and near constant drizzle that even Bob Rivers’ 12 Pains of Christmas can’t cheer me up (and seriously, that is my all-time favourite Christmas tune). Solution? A sunny/beach getaway.…

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Europe Beyond the UK, walks

Domaine Des Ormes: The Return

We have had our second visit to Eurocamp visit to Domaine des Ormes and though there were a couple of problematic moments early on, a very good time was had by all and once again, the benefits of this large, well-equipped, sensibly designed site were on show. Our first Eurocamp holiday in Bénodet (specifically at the La Pointe St-Gilles campsite),…

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Europe Beyond the UK, sight seeing

Let the Holiday Begin!

We’re off for a week in France – as we’ve been doing for Summer hols the last few years. Breakfasts of croissants, bread & jam, ice cream on the terraced cafe, trips to the hypermarket and MAYBE ziplining. Maybe. Each year, I’ve learned a bit more about how to prep for self-catering holidays so each year, things are a bit…

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Middle East & North Africa

Looking Back: A Trip to Israel

A friend of mine recently started planning a trip to Israel and knowing I had been several times, asked what she should see and do other than the obvious. I asked how long she planned to be there and she said a week. I suggested that there was an awful lot of ‘obvious’ in Israel and a week might be…

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Traveling While Hungry

One of the first things I do when planning a trip is to explore to culinary offerings where ever I am going. Food and travel are my two favourite ‘past times’ and I combine them whenever possible. Lately, I have another way to combine them. These days, I am quite often found – on a Monday morning – down at…

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