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Greater Gotham: Going Global is, at heart, the tales of a New Yorker turned loose in the UK and Beyond.

I started out blogging in a casual way since 1996 and lived in New York for years 25 years.  At some point in 2005, these two facts came together and resulted in my taking blogging a bit more seriously and creating Greater Gotham.  At first is was  a virtual version of getting out and about in the city – as not everyone could be in NYC to what was happening – the events, news, oddities – or to discover the new or forgotten bits that even long time residents delight in when they find them once again or for the first time.

Then – in a shocking move that surprised everyone including me, I up and moved to the UK, specifically I moved to Banbury. So Greater Gotham expanded and evolved into Greater Gotham: Going Global – covering the people I’ve met, the places I’ve gone and discoveries I’ve made on both sides of the Atlantic

As for the move to Banbury – well, quite a change from Manhattan, I think you will agree – and yet … in some ways, not without echoes.

I could never give New York up as a topic. It fills me with joy at the exact same moment that it is driving me crazy. It is at once welcoming and standoffish; a major metroplex and a series of small villages calling themselves neighborhoods. It is a split personality made concrete and flesh. What writer wouldn’t want to try and capture that infuriating, intoxicating tension?  When I arrived in Banbury, I dove in to find the nooks and crannies, shops and sights that would define this as home base – and Banbury has not disappointed. Both steeped in history and awash in change; with rural, pastoral and urban spaces sitting side by side – yings and yangs, contradictions and delicate balances not wholly unlike those I’d left back in New York.

Greater Gotham: Going Global is the arm chair guide to that process of discovery and being at the center of events whether I am in New York, Banbury or anywhere my travels may take me. Enjoy!

— Deborah (nycdeb), Greater Gotham Gal

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