Banbury’s Foodie Landscape

I’ve mentioned previously (quite a while back and I apologize for the delay) that one of the things we most love doing here in TransAtlantic Towers (as I always did back in NYC), is a bit of culinary exploring.

We discovered the delights of Daylesford Farm, I’ve talked about some of our favourite eateries and food shops in the area in Boppin’ Around Banbury, and mentioned some of the historical places to grab a bit in Bits and Bobs About Banbury.

But a new fabulous foodie find – Bakergirl – has brought me back to you once more.


Looks yummy, right? Well, hop on over the my food blog – Fabulous Foodie and share the delights of a morning bun (think super light and delicious cinnamon roll but not), fantastic coffee and a space that would make a New York Real Estate agent weep for the commissions that might have been.


Bakergirl Bakery in Banbury  is my first review of the growing and increasingly impressive foodie scene in Banbury.


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