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Museum News from the Banbury Area

It’s all happening at museums in the Banbury area lately (and as a museum-lover, this pleases me). Banbury Museum ( has announced that it is expanding its exhibition space which will include a waterway gallery and a “mini museum” for children. The British Motor Museum, formerly known as the Heritage Motor Centre, is reopening Feb 13 after a major refurb…

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NYC Bike Share Test Run

Bike Share Update: There is a test run of the long anticipated (by me, anyway) bike share program during Summer Streets tomorrow. Go try it. You may like it. Go on . . I know it’s hot out. Lord above, don’t I know it. But think of it this way – if you’re on a bike, the wind is in…

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Walking the Walk in Times Square

So how do you all feel about the “Times Square As Pedestrian Mall” issue? Personally, I am all for pedestrian malls but Times Square isn’t exactly someplace I’d necessarily seek out to wander around in – even now., And it’s not about safety. I’ve always felt perfectly safe there. It’s more about the fact that there’s nothing there I was…

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Feeling Widgety?

Did you ever think – I’d love to know what’s going on in New York at the moment but my newspaper is all the way in the other room? No, me neither. I’m all about reading the news online these days. Chances are you are too. If not, why not? So much easier, faster and more up to day. You…

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