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Museum News from the Banbury Area

It’s all happening at museums in the Banbury area lately (and as a museum-lover, this pleases me). Banbury Museum ( has announced that it is expanding its exhibition space which will include a waterway gallery and a “mini museum” for children. The British Motor Museum, formerly known as the Heritage Motor Centre, is reopening Feb 13 after a major refurb…

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Spatial Relations Around Town

Growing Governors Island: well, it’s true that NYC cares more than the state and will do more, move faster etc. I do have concerns about some of these ideas however.  For some reason, I thought the city already had control of the island which is why they were doing all that stuff on the far end. Oh well – I…

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Musuem of Munchies?

I have thrown open the windows of the apartment and am enjoying the cool, relaxing temperatures of the morning. But that’s not what I am here to discuss today. Actually, it’s not so much a discussion as a drive by hot tip. I have just discovered that there is a NY Food Museum. Now, you might think – hello? you…

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Romping With Rogues

I love a good local history and at the moment, I am current reading Rogues’ Gallery: The Secret History of the Mogul and the Money that Made the Metropolitan Museum by Michael Gross.  Gross’ name may ring a bell if you read 740 Park: The Story of the World’s Richest Apartment Building (which I didn’t but which a lot of…

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Gotham Site Seeing

With the job market getting everyone down (especially for my many peeps in the publishing industry who are still reeling), I thought a little break from the real world was in order. Maybe we can’t take a real vacation right now but a little online sight seeing (which I think of as “site seeing”) never hurt anyone and costs nothing.…

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