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Good Luck Getting Around Gotham

David Yassky, the new chairman of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, has made a SHOCKING (not) discovery: Manhattan has more yellow cabs than Brooklyn. To be fair, it’s not something he just recently discovered. He discovered it some time ago (I imagine the same way most people do – by using their eyes) but now that he’s Mr. Taxi, this…

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Borough Bookshelf: Queens

Previously on “How I Purged My Bookshelves Only to Fill Them Up Again” . . . . I had gotten rid of some books to make room for others. In the spirit of expanding (or trying to expand) my admittedly Manhattan-centric view of Gotham, I went hunting new books. But this time books on the other boroughs. Brooklyn was a…

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Walking the Walk: Summer 2008

One of the most exciting things happening in Manhattan this summer is the creation of more pedestrian promenades. Some are temporary and some are permanent but all are a welcome addition, as far as I am concerned. Some seriously major streets are going all foot traffic for a period of time – albeit temporarily – this summer. Yup, the city…

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Brooklyn Bound

I know what you’re thinking – “Enough about Manhattan! What about Brooklyn?” – and you’re right. I have focused a little heavily (ok, a lot heavily) on Manhattan and that’s because I live here. It’s easily accessible. Hell, it’s right outside my front door and it teems with stories, life and trivia enough for many lifetimes. But I do not…

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