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Borough Bookshelf: Queens

Previously on “How I Purged My Bookshelves Only to Fill Them Up Again” . . . .

I had gotten rid of some books to make room for others. In the spirit of expanding (or trying to expand) my admittedly Manhattan-centric view of Gotham, I went hunting new books. But this time books on the other boroughs. Brooklyn was a goldmine.

Queens is up next. One thing I’ve noticed – and which might be more a function of my searching rather than reality – there has been more ink spilled about Brooklyn while more cameras have been trained on Queens. Again, that might just be me and further searching may prove me wrong. And so without further delay, the Queens bookshelf:

Next up – well, obviously The Bronx or Staten Island. We shall see which I manage to turf up the most stuff for.

May in Gotham

“It’s May! It’s May! That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray”

Well, except you, dear readers because I present to you some Greater Gotham May Highlights! And to continue my show tune theme, let’s not “Start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.” No, let’s instead start at towards the end of the May, with Memorial Day.

met museumMemorial Day is the end of May, more or less. Officially, May 30th but always celebrated on the last Monday of the month. This year, that means May 26th. Schools, banks and post offices are closed on Memorial Day so it’s not like you can get anything productive done. You might as well plan something fun and amusing. One nice thing about Memorial Day Monday is that, unlike most Mondays, the Metropolitian Museum of Art is open. It’s part of the Met Holiday Mondays. Check their visiting information for other Met Monday Holidays and hours.

If you want to actually embrace the day and do something Memorial Day specific, there’s a number of parades you can choose from.

  • Queens has the Little Neck-Douglaston Memorial Day Parade, the Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade on Metropolitan Ave and the Maspeth Memorial Day Parade, the Veterans Memorial Day Parade in Glendale and . . . well, why reinvent the wheel. Someone has already collected a robust and impressive amount of information on Memorial Day Parades in Queens.
  • John Paul Jones Park is where you will find Brooklyn’s Memorial Day Parade & Ceremony. But Brooklyn also is host to the Memorial Day BBQ at the Green Gems Community Garden as well as a range of Memorial Day activities all over Prospect Park.
  • If you find yourself in Manhattan. check out the Lady Liberty Swim at Battery Park (It’s the first event in the Summer Swim Series).

Fleet Week (May 21-28) can amuse and delight on many levels – some of them even family friendly. It’s the city’s annual celebration and a darned good opportunity to meet the men and women of the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. There are visits to ships, demonstrations and displays of all sorts. Good times.

Fairs, Festivals and other Events

  • New York Street Fairs – a fixture on the summer Gotham scene. They crop up almost every weekend in various parts of the city.
  • The New York Photo Festival (May 14–18) This the inagural year of a festival that plans to “document the future of photography in all its forms.” Curators from around the world “will deliver their personal vision of the newest and most important trends in contemporary photography.” Sounds like something you don’t want to miss.
  • The Bicycle Film Festival (May 28 – June 1) celebrates the bicycles through film, art and music.