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Let the Holiday Begin!

We’re off for a week in France – as we’ve been doing for Summer hols the last few years. Breakfasts of croissants, bread & jam, ice cream on the terraced cafe, trips to the hypermarket and MAYBE ziplining. Maybe.

Each year, I’ve learned a bit more about how to prep for self-catering holidays so each year, things are a bit smoother and a bit more relaxing. Honestly? The biggest challenge this year was making sure I had enough reading material for the week (as that is how I like to spend my evenings – and if I am honest, most of my afternoons – on vacation).

Ice cream on the boardwalk in Bénodet.

Last year we had such a great experience at Domaine des Ormes Eurocamp that we’re headed back there this year as well.

Bike rentals are available on site – and depending on your location onsite, may well be a good idea. It’s a BIG place.

While there is a lot to do onsite – kids clubs for Sprog, mini-golf, ziplines, adventure courses, Segway rides, pools, archery, water skiing, paintball, etc. – there’s quite a few things to do in the surrounding area as well. We did a bit of poking around the nearest town, Dol which is quite a nice place for a picturesque wander around – with a particularly impressive 13th-century cathedral and some extraordinarily lovely medieval houses on the high street. We did a day out in the nearby walled port city of Saint-Malo – we walked the ramparts, watched street performers, ate bowls of mussels and indulged in some ice cream.

Hats are a must when spending a lot of time in the sun

When it subsequently rained one day, we headed back in that direction to visit the Great Aquarium Saint-Malo (which was really impressive!).

Quite a serious looking resident of the Grand Aquarium in Saint-Malo.

This year, we’re all committed – well, ModParlPhotos is committed, I’m sort of thinking about it – ziplining. I’m really a bit nervous about it. I might suggest an extra round of mini-golf instead.

Any discoveries worth sharing while we’re on the road will be popped up on our twitter feeds. Food related tidbits will go up on fabulous foodie’s twitter feed while travel tips and discoveries can be found on the modern parlance feed. Make sure you’re following to get the latest from the road!

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