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Snowed Under

Make. It. Stop.

I like snow. I even love snow. I don’t love this much snow over this long a period of time. There is a reason I don’t live in Syracuse. Well, to be honest – there are a lot of reasons I don’t live in Syracuse but high on the list is their annual snowfall (over 110/year).

Since I am staying indoors until Spring, I had some time on my hands and thought I’d collect a few snowy facts. They won’t make the snow stop but it keeps my mind off the falling flakes of doom and – who knows – it come in handy during some future round of Trivial Pursuit.

In the Snowiest Places in the US category, I stumbled across this interesting tidbit: the most snow to fall in any 24 hour period is 75.8 inches that came down in Silver Lake, Colorado in 1921. Not content with that record, the snow kept coming for an additional 8.5 hours leaving a total of 95 inches of snow on the ground – a record for the deepest accumulation from a single continuous snowfall.

OK, so New York City’s record isn’t quite that high. So far we’ve had 36 inches fall in Central Park this month – consider please that this generally means more fell in places further out so give them an even 40 – and that beating the 1925 record when in January of that year, Central Park for 27.4 inches

I was surprised that the record for snowiest month in New York City history – according to the National Weather Service – is Feb 2010 when 36.9 inches fell. I don’t recall being so snow-weary last year. Maybe it’s all the wind that seems to be accompanying the snow this year. Not to mention the thunder. Though – truth be told, I find the thundersnow to be rather exciting.

The city – in what I suppose might be considered – an ironic attempt to put things in perspective, has a page they call NYC Winter Storm History. It was informative but didn’t make me feel any better or any less like moving to the Cayman Islands immediately wasn’t a top notch idea.

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