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Snowy Musings

So, here I sit – waiting for more snow. I gather from the weather reports that I won’t have to wait long. Of course, we already had significant snow last month – the storm the media and others have dubbed the Boxing Day Blizzard of 2010. I rather enjoyed that but then I:

  • live on an arterial street, which are at the top of the City’s plowing priority list
  • live in Manhattan, again, high on the plowing priority list though this is due to Manhattan being made up largely of arterial streets and not due to Manhattan being “Daddy’s Favorite” as so many seemed to think. Seriously, I can’t decide which borough is the middle child in this family – Brooklyn or Queens. I lean towards Queens only because Brooklyn occasionally exhibits “Baby of the Family” entitlement issues and the City occasionally gives in.
  • don’t own a car, so had nothing to dig out after the plowing occurred)
  • don’t commute to work, so I was not hampered by transportation system failures

I’m not sure there’s SO much to worry about this time around. I mean, what are the chances the weather people would be right twice? And on the outside chance that they ARE right a second time and we do get the accumulation they seem to be wailing and keening about, they BETTER not be right a third time. The 10 day forecast indicated snow on Weds the 19th. I have a flight to the UK on Weds the 19th and let me put both weather people and Mother Nature on notice – delays and or cancellation WILL NOT BE OK!

2 thoughts on “Snowy Musings

  1. Well, my husband is up at 3am to be at work for 5am snow removal, so I am awake too and not best pleased. And he’s not even a city worker; the [his] park people got paranoid this go around . . .

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