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Spring Shopping in Banbury

There are many signs of Spring in Banbury. The sun shines more often, daffodils are swaying in the breeze, a few bees start buzzing around. It all brought me out to shop and browse.

The plant and garden stall at the Banbury Market was a veritable riot of colour

It was Market Day so I made a point, as I always do of browsing among the stalls – then had some lunch, did a bit more browsing and a spot of shopping.  This is great for the local economy and a bit hard on my wallet. But only a bit since I have to say – Banbury’s independent shops did right by me this week. From the handbags, to the repair, to the pins – bargains all around. Wanna know what else I saw and what I ended up hauling home? Check out Spring Shopping in more detail over on the Banburian.

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