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The Delicious Delights of Daylesford

When I was living in New York City, I always made a point of popping in at the greenmarkets – usually the Union Square Farmer’s Market as it’s quite sizable and meant I was almost sure to find something I wanted but occasionally at the smaller ones. There was one in a school yard – on 70th or 69th between 1st and York, quite close to home that I perused now and again. There was some quite good bread there but the jams and veggies at Union Square always drew me back down there.

Of course, it’s a bit far for me to go these days but I have a new version of “going to the greenmarket” and that is “popping to the farm shop. I’d seen mention of Daylesford Farm Shop and wanted to check it out so – as we had a free day and it’s only a short drive (the area is AWASH in farm shops), off we went. It’s a whole complex – farm shop, cafe, cookery school, “wellness center” and it was all beautifully laid out and presented. The prices for some stuff – not everything – made us gasp but it was top notch stuff, no question and while I wouldn’t do my regular shop there, that’s not what it’s for. It’s special occasion, company is coming stuff.


GORGEOUS stuff and very well thought out. The prepared stuff looked delicious as well. The bakery almost had me at hello. As did the world’s most gorgeous brioche. Next time I’ll fill you in on some of the more “everyday” farm shops but this was too yummy a visit not to share.

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